About The Chick Pea’s Cuisine

A perfectionist with underlying-qualities-of-procrastination. And someone with a far too long breath under the guise of ‘hard work will get you far’ – which sometimes ruins her health – that is Michelle Braakhuis described in two sentences. The love of writing runs through her veins, storytelling is in her blood. And where this fascination for words started at a young age, more about that here, she is still in the quest to find the most ideal way to earn her money while writing since the start of her first blog in 2017. 

She shares the struggles that come along with this, as well as the many tips & tricks that have or have not worked in her favour regarding blogging, SEO, branding, marketing, social media, and storytelling on her other blog www.therevitalizedchickpea.com

During her search for the meaning of life, the pursuit of dreams, and traveling while getting to know new cultures, her love for plant-based and vegan cuisine and lifestyle was also found. With The Chick Pea’s Cuisine, Michelle wants to show everyone that living a vegan lifestyle is not as difficult as it may sound. After all, fruit, legumes, vegetables, nuts, pasta, and rice; it’s all vegan. How to veganise recipes, eat less meat for a day, or start your day with a different yogurt than the one you are used to, TCPC is happy to help you out with plenty of different recipes. 

In addition, Michelle will share the best cafes and restaurants of the various cities and towns she visits during her wanderlust. You’ll also find tips & tricks on how to live healthily and how to shop vegan for a balanced lifestyle. And she writes blog posts about the benefits of living life as a vegan. Oh, and guest blogger Priscilla from The Revitalized Chick Pea will also share some of her favorite recipes on TCPC.

A better world starts with yourselves, isn’t that the saying? And even though no one is perfect, if we all contribute a little to reducing the consumption of animal products, we will get further than where we were yesterday. Are you in?

“Everyone is an artist in his, her or their own existence, colouring their canvas with the art of kindness and passion for life. Find your voice, tell your story. No border should be a burden to disconnect shared interests.“


Michelle Braakhuis


Founder of The Revitalized Chick Pea & The Chick Pea’s Cuisine
Storyteller, (copy)writer & content creator
Nike addict – travel junkie